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We create products for startups and corporations around the world

We are proud of our collaboration with TOGGL, INFOSTRADA, DIALTONE and more than 20 other companies

We offer solutions according to business requirements and cover technical part of each project at all stages

We provide full stack solutions

Days spent on design can save months spent on development

We help creative people to describe and visualize their ideas, rank features and choose development technologies, that will translate their ideas into products

We design digital rockets

Performance, Security, Flexibility
are Three Pillars of each successful product

We use external and in-house solutions for development & integration of high-quality code

Imagine the box, which receives requirements & returns tested and documented solutions. It is us

We develop digital rockets

“Tit deviens responsable pour ce que tit as apprivoise”

Production ready. We achieve it via flexible infrastructure, continuous monitoring, ability to determine and optimize bottlenecks

We are the satellite for the next big things, which will accompany them in all phases: idea, specification, prototype, MVP, product

We launch digital rockets

We hardly sleep at all


Reengineer the mobile application for internal reports & activity monitoring at the enterprise. Improve the interface without interfering in the work of the API. Reduce the time required for completing the main user scenarios. Lower the latency threshold


80% of apps use tokens, which were received at the first authorization. 35% increase in search & filters usage. The time required for completing the main user scenarios were reduced from 5min to 2min. 90% of users do not change the preselected language. Amount of the pages were reduced from 9 to 3


The system allows to authorize users with different roles. The previous version required repeated authorization with manual input of each role. We were able to simplify that flow without interfering in the work of the API. The current version automatically identifies all user's roles during authorization and stores them locally. It automatically generates requests to the API based on selected role

The system allows to search & filter tickets based on several categories. In the previous version identical elements were separated and used different interfaces. In the current version they are grouped and extend single interface & scenario

The system allows to take a decision on each ticket based on 4 major parameters. In rare cases, additional information is required. The previous version combined major & minor content. The key parameters were not allocated. The identical tools for assessing were separated and used different interfaces. The current version gives direct access to the key parameters and tools for assessing. Minor information is grouped on a separate page

The system is multilingual. It is used by users who have different levels of knowledge. The current version auto-detects OS language & provides up-to-date help. Translations & help are served over CDNs and do not require API or application updates


This is great. The best part about this is you were not constrained in your design thinking. We hired a UX consultant last summer for a lot of $$$ and your designs are far better than what he produced. He was trying to give us what he thought we wanted, not what an end user would use


We develop applications with several goals in mind: flexibility, security & performance. We measure, monitor and improve continually each metric based on the growing complexity from the first to the final release. Our basic principles are:

We know that improved experience leads to longer sessions, increased traffic, and additional revenue


We work in the environment which is best suited for our customers' needs. Keeping progressive enhancement in mind we design & develop core scenarios first and only then add advanced features

We use Yarn & Webpack to achieve continuous development process and automate repetitive tasks. Inferno and Redux are the heart and soul of our front-end framework. We choose them due to their benchmarks and principles

We use techniques which respect JAMStack. We keep track of assets optimization. We use tree-shaking and code-splitting to reduce payloads. All these and many other techniques are used to improve runtime rendering performance and reduce bundle size

We keep an eye on modern techniques and technologies and use the best of them to deliver tested and documented qualitative products to you


As always Oleksii and the team are great to work with and continue to deliver the highest quality
Oleksii is definitely the developer for complex projects. He has great creativity and is excellent in communication his ideas and suggestions to the projects
Oleksii was asked to deliver a platform that would support our business goals. Being a start-up we needed a developer that was efficient and versatile. Oleksii is a developer with these traits. He was able to take on the full stack, end to end, and deliver a system to our requirements. I'm looking forward to a continued productive relationship


Implement productive, secure, scalable API which serves as an interface between applications & DBs. Its specific goal is to validate & process data based on programmed logic and to handle integrations with third-party services. Unlike popular solutions, it should follow single responsibility principle


Our initiative has open source & anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance it


We engineered an in-house solution for APIs development. It interacts with applications using JSON. It has NodeJS, SequelizeJS and KoaJS under the hood. It has several competitive advantages like self-generated DB migrations & self-generated routing, built-in mailer & the ability for quick & easy splitting into micro-services. Our APIs follow 'fat model, skinny controller' & 'feature-oriented interfaces' patterns.

Instead of reinventing the wheel we created the glue between commonly used stable & reliable technologies and seasoned it with internal methodologies which improve our development experience


Scale the app from 1 to 100 000 users


1 user; We are against any premature system scaling because it unnecessarily complicates the development process & distracts from the implementation of the major features. In the meantime we always laid the foundation for further optimization We isolate each application, API & DB using Docker containers Docker automates the repetitive tasks of setting up and configuring development environment & guarantees that software will always run the same. We use New Relic for deep performance analytics in real-time. Under prototyping, we use single AWS instance with flexible approach to choose the appropriate resources for the application

1 000 users; With great activity comes great server load. To prevent loss of performance several recommendations should be taken into account. Amazon Elastic Load Balancing allows quick & easy vertical scaling of the system. Frequently accessed static content should be served from CDNs They allow users to download content from local third party servers instead of our distant servers. This improves performance and also reduces the need to build and maintain own global network

100 000 users; Beyond the MVP stage increased traffic brings new technical challenges. With growing data arises a need to overthink its storage. Frequent high loading requests should be cached with Memcached Low latency data should be moved to the separate cloud storage Elastic Stack solutions can help too. System updates cost more on later stages. Splitting monolith systems into micro-services allow to decrease that cost. Each service can be developed and deployed independently. They improve fault detection, isolation, and recovery & eliminate any long-term commitment to a technology stack

Premature scaling can lead to unnecessary complications. Belated optimization can cost more. Project architecture design is the long-term process, which requires constant monitoring & adoption of carefully considered and weighed decisions


Design & develop centralized control system for monitoring & managing of vending machines, remote software updating & internal currency exchanging

Implement the variety of web and mobile applications for direct (authorization, purchases, virtual accounts) & indirect (analysis, configuration, state monitoring & management) interactions with the vending machines. Implement two-way authorization between mobile applications and vending machines with real-time endpoint notification

Provide data synchronization process after losing connection with the devices. Guarantee data integrity after long-term connection drop-outs


The system is under the beta testing. It monitors & manages several vending machines in the real world


The API is developed using in-house solution. It is based on NodeJS, SequelizeJS and KoaJS. PostgreSQL is the primary database. Frequent high loading requests are cached with Memcached. WebSocket protocol manages real-time updates between server, applications & devices. It allows to update all participants simultaneously and to push data to the certain channels separately

Vending machine can reserve required amount from user's account to guarantee capacity to pay throughout the purchasing

Mobile application is developed using React Native. It allows users to manage their accounts & authorize on vending machines using QR codes After successful users identification server immediately provides their data to the device

Server continually collects data from vending machines and allows to create custom rules for its analysis. Data on the states are stored in a separate DB. Admins interact with it through the separate micro-service. It prevents blocking of direct users' interactions with vending machines


  • Turn speech into text during audio & video calls
  • Manage smart bath through the mobile app & synchronize their states in real-time
  • Gather statistics on application users' behavior using WebSocket protocol and search, analyze, and visualize it with Elastic Stack
  • Scale server architecture to avoid blocking of users' requests during the automated process of analysis of big data
  • Guarantee the safety and success of currency transactions between server and vending machines
  • Synchronize time frames for the issues' completion on ticket tracker which allows assigners & assignees to work in different time zones
  • Choose the most convenient WebRTC solution & implement video/audio calls using it
  • Suggest the most convenient solution for real-time messenger
  • Parse content with Cloud Natural Language API


Oleksii is absolutely one of the best developers I know. Without a doubt. He is not only codes, he does research, spends time in understanding and suggesting ideas where needed. Just hire him and you’ll agree! Oleksii is a super contractor. Very professional with great communication. His management skills are astounding, he always went above and beyond the task, always encouraging and pushing the team to work hard and stick to deadlines. Extraordinary professional! It has been an honor to work with someone of his nature and caliber. For me, one of his most important skill sets is his ability to self-manage and keep our projects moving forward no matter my availability or the lack thereof. No worries once you have agreed on a game plan and a course of action. Additionally, Oleksii puts his heart and soul into his work. He gives you everything he’s got when he gets into a project. I am humbled to have worked with someone of such high integrity and so committed to our mutual success. A truly great business partner. He was easy to work & communicate with. He and his team also brought some good ideas to the project. Would hire him again, definitely
As always, Oleksiis quality of work is outstanding, combined with great tech and communication skills. Great availability paired with a lot of understanding & know-how AND, what I like most, own suggestions which are beneficial to each of my projects. This proofs, that he is not only a good programmer and worker but also a good team player who is thinking ahead

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